About Me


I combine over 20 years of experience in visual arts, team leadership, and game design and development to add value to your products and productivity to your team. I am passionate about games and about harnessing the creative talents of a team to produce a great piece of art.

I know what I don't know and I love to surround myself with people who can expertly fill in those gaps.I delight mostly in creative collaboration, working with other creative people of various disciplines to make new and interesting diversions and expressions.

What you can expect from working with me

Some of the things you should expect from your experience with KF Creative Consulting are:


At KF Creative Consulting you can trust that you will receive work that reflects my efforts to deliver the most creative and original product I can. But more than that, I will concentrate my efforts to build and develop team members' creativity so you can continue to produce top quality products long after I am gone.


My father always taught me that you don't get half-paid for a half-done job. (A hard lesson after a summer of half-digging a sprinkler trench!) You can trust that you will be charged fairly and that no corners will be cut in the execution of your project.


I make every effort to be honest in my work as well as in my business. In artwork, honesty requires collaboration. With smooth feedback loops and communication between us, I can provide the most honest visual representation for your needs.


The quality of my work is most evident in my relationships. Quality relationships between me and the teams I work with, but more importantly, fostering an environment where collaborative relationships can flourish build off each other.


At KF Creative Consulting I communicate quickly and thoroughly. Schedules and deadlines are all dependent on smooth communication between me and the client. I like to maintain an open line of communication throughout the project,...and beyond!


In consulting work, respect most often comes in the form of respect of time. I respect your project, your dream, your "baby" immensely and show that respect through honest and mindful treatment of your time. I also work hard to develop an atmosphere of respect throughout the team. If team members cannot respect the expertise of each other, the end result will always be less than it could have been.


Your project is not just a "gig" to me. I love to have personal interactions with our clients to inject as much personality into the project as possible. I don't work with data, I work with people. Products come from that.

Interested in seeing my Visual Art Portfolio

This is a selection from over 20 years of visual art production, art instruction and design, because sometimes it's nice to see where we come from. Load time may be slow!